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Spy On Any Android Phone. With Our Unique Android Monitoring App. FlexiSPY's android spy app will let you know everything that’s happening on the android device — no matter where you are.
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This is the same with taking part in a conference call, but the only difference is that no one knows that you are listening on the line. Your device will also stay muted. One condition is for the target device to have the ability to handle a 3-way call so you have to check with your phone carrier to guarantee that the feature is available or enabled. You can use the online web portal of FlexiSpy for activating this live call interception feature. The ambient recording is the same with call recording and lets you secretly record everything happening around the device.

Compatibility of Flexispy extreme

It will turn on the microphone of the phone in stealth mode then record conversations happening close to the device. First, you have to hold the device physically, which include the passcode. If you are dealing with an iPad or iPhone, see to it that it has already been jailbroken before the installation of FlexiSpy.

If it is an Android device and you like some extra features which need root access, you have to ensure that the device is rooted first prior to the installation of the software. It is highly recommended that you create a device backup before starting the jailbreaking or rooting process. Use your computer to log into your own portal for starting the process of installation. FlexiSpy app has been designed to stay invisible to the user of the phone. After it is installed, this app can hide itself inside the device and remove the launcher icon. The company provides a premium installation software as well through which the technician of FlexiSpy will jailbreak or root the phone and have the software installed for users.

It is legal in many countries for parents to keep tabs of the phone activity of their children. Employers are also legally allowed to monitor the activities of their employees on the employer-owned phones. But, it is not legal to have the app installed on devices that someone else owns. Laws may differ from one state to another so make sure you check with the laws in your area before you use it.

Yes, it is possible to transfer license to a different phone. There is a need for you to deactivate the license on the old device before you activate this again on a new one. When you need an activate software on several devices simultaneously, you have to buy additional licenses. FlexiSpy also launched their desktop version for Mac and Windows, and the supported operating systems are as follows:.

FlexiSPY Features & Packages

As of the time of writing this FlexiSpy review, the packages offered by FlexiSpy are priced as follows:. FlexiSpy Premium provides the best value out of your money as this is competitively priced and offers lots of exciting features.

Getting Started

FlexiSpy Extreme is somewhat pricey but the moment you try it, you will know that it is worth the price. Aside from that, you have to remember that these are the only ones which offer call intercept, ambient monitoring, and call recording. Companies based in the United States cannot provide these features.

This Software Company May Be Helping People Illegally Spy On Their Spouses

One more benefit is because the company is not US-based, there is no need for you to pay extra taxes and there are also no VAT charges. You will be paying for the exact price that you see. It is easy to see that the price of FlexiSpy is much higher compared to other spy apps out there but at the same time, this will also give you better performance, superior support, and more features.

What if they're leaking out information on your latest secret genetic research project? You wouldn't want independent media coming up with fake news again, would you? FlexiSpy can satisfy your controlling manager needs. Also, this software can be used to find out whether your husband is ripe for alimony, or to discover the corner where your kid procures his hash and whatnot. FlexiSpy is a digital surveillance solution that caters to mobile devices and computers. It is not free and uses the subscription method.

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It consists of stealthy apps that once installed on the target device, can be accessed remotely to retrieve keylogs and browsing history, to track conversations, audio calls and review call logs among many other things. The features of course vary depending on the target platform.

You will need physical access to the device in order to install the app, and legally speaking you must own the device for this not to be a privacy infringement. The same deal goes with computers. If however your employees or kids use Linux, then you're out of luck. SMS Interception — Secretly read the contents of all text messages sent and received from the monitored phone.

View Call Logs — This feature allows you to find out exactly who is calling your target and best of all, who they are calling. GPS Tracking — Flexispy lets you track the monitored phone and display its location in real time on a map.

Flexispy Review for iPhone and Android: Does It Really Work?

Flexispy also allows you to view the historical location of the phone. The photos and videos are then uploaded to your Flexispy account where you can view them.

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Keep this in mind. There is absolutely NO way around this. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to remember this.

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Do not buy Flexispy if you will not be able to get access to the phone. Flexispy also provides a very detailed installation manual with detailed screen shots to help you every step of the way and their live support can help you through this process, so you should not have any problems even if you are a total newbie to installing software on a cell phone. One bit of advice. I do highly recommend that you go through the installation instructions a few times before trying to install Flexispy. Using Flexispy is extremely easy.

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Here is an example of a report showing the details of an instant message that was sent and received from a cell phone. In order to use Flexispy, you must have access to the target phone. There is no way around this. If you cannot get access to the target phone, consider purchasing a compatible cell phone, install Flexispy, then give to your target as a gift. Another option is to spy on their PC instead.

My favorite PC spy software is SpyAgent. If you are not sure if the target phone has a supported OS, simply type in the phone model into Google and look for a detailed review.