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I was researching the latest spy gear and I noticed a lot of interest in Android Spy Apps. So here are the Best Free Android Spy Camera Apps. The android spy.
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You can use other apps , receive calls or block the screen. Check it out at the play store. Unfortunately none of the above spy camera apps are bug free.. The only one that I found to be actually useful was Droid Camspy..

The Best Secret Spy Camera Android Apps – April

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Your email address will not be published. However, if you install an app from google play, that already means you trust that developer.

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And many users have lost their paid apps because of this. So at that time we built our own licensing infrastructure with the Paypal payment gateway. Also, since google supported paid apps, they require all developers to use Google wallet and they ban all developers who use Paypal. The Play Store version only supports Google in-app billing.

And the website version supports Paypal payments. This embarrasses Google and so they needed to remove our app. Harassment Premium version has been removed from Google Play. After I calmly described the situation, instead of trying to deal with Google, they started to send me harassment emails in a rude and unprofessional manner, I filtered their email and reported to Google. According to Google, further legal actions might be needed from my side. You replied on May 17, at AM.

When Google removed our app, he complained. When we generated a license for him and resolved the whole issue, he kept complaining. Up to now, your Google PlayStore comment has become our only feasible channel of communication; however Google Play only allows for characters when we respond there so we really cannot explain things for you. We want to emphasize that your technical problem was fully resolved days ago. Sun, 7 Dec — we replied again, telling you the issue was resolved and you just needed to retry activation. Tue, 9 Dec — you emailed us again, telling us to send email to the same email address that we had been sending to.

From: Pitt Aimar To: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. The only notification I received was an email from Google play saying that you responded to my comment. We really need your kind words to help MHC so we can re-gain user support from scratch, to support our continuous development!

Spy camera app on android

From: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. On Thu, May 10, at PM, mobilehiddencamera.

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  • This email contains important information regarding your order, please save it for future reference. Please note that the license is on a per-device basis. Then enter the following information: Registered Email: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. If you come across any issues during activation, please make sure you have typed in the correct email address and license key. Thank you, mobilehiddencamera. Here is the premium upgrade info: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Much to our surprise, our award winning spy camera solution Mobile Hidden Camera has been suspended on Google Play Store.

    Apparently, on one hand they are saying that spying apps are prohibited on Google Play Store and thus they are suspending our Mobile Hidden Camera app, the only professional-grade spy camera solution since with over 4 million downloads and a 4. So just grab it there! You can then easily upgrade thru Paypal and activate all the features on the fly.

    First, you need to understand when Google takes down MHC, they take down the in-app purchases at the same time. No problem for our users though. Offices, Hotels, Shopping Malls, and many other places use the Security cameras to ensure and watch any sort of anti-social elements happening around the place.

    6 Best Spy Camera Apps for 12222

    Hidden Cameras are also very helpful to track the bomb blast, robbery or any other serious issues happened at a particular time frame. You can easily find the hidden cameras which are near to you by this Hidden Camera detector applications either by a sound or an alert. There are multiple hidden camera detector apps available for Android and iOS users.

    A few of them are listed below:.

    Best 12 Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android and iPhone

    This is one of the best hidden camera detector apps which is an anti-spy camera especially used to find the hidden cameras for both Android and iOS users. We would like to inform that it is very easy and fast to detect or find the hidden microphones or cameras. Please install this application and you can easily detect any hidden cameras by scanning the device.

    It is another popular and best hidden camera detector app for iPhone and Android users.

    Your privacy will be protected from spy camera and hidden lenses by using this application. It is also used to easily trace the disguised camera lens which might be present within the room.


    By using this application, you can stay secured from any embarrassing moments. This is one of best spy and hidden camera detector apps for Android and iOS devices.